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  • Trust Pilot 정격 WPX 호스팅 - 4.7
  • Windows 및 Linux 사용 가능

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Shared Hosting
$20.83 /월간 간행물
상세 정보
  • 운영 시스템
  • 운영 시스템
  • 디스크
    10GB 우주
  • 데이터
    102GB 대역폭
Shared Hosting
$41.58 /월간 간행물
상세 정보
  • 운영 시스템
  • 운영 시스템
  • 디스크
    20GB 우주
  • 데이터
    205GB 대역폭
Shared Hosting
$83.25 /월간 간행물
상세 정보
  • 운영 시스템
  • 운영 시스템
  • 디스크
    40GB 우주
  • 데이터
    Unmetered 대역폭

WPX 호스팅 가격

공유 호스팅
꾸러미 가격 디스크 공간 대역폭 운영 시스템 사이트 수
사업 $20.83 10GB 102GB windows server planelinux server plane 5
전문적인 $41.58 20GB 205GB windows server planelinux server plane 15
엘리트 $83.25 40GB 무제한 windows server planelinux server plane 35

WPX 호스팅 몇 단어

무료 사이트 마이그레이션, 영원히 무료 SSL, 무료 고속 CDN, 30 초 평균 지원 응답 시간, PHP 7.3 활성화. 무료 엔터프라이즈 수준 보안. 모든 연간 요금제에서 2 개월 무료 이용!

20 코멘트

Shaun OBrien

Jun 09, 2020 05:29
Georgi Yanev and all the peeps there are super helpful...i appreciate the patience and the super quick resolution....best company for hosting and support isuues....excellent.. Thanks peeps Best Shaunj

mark rigby

May 28, 2020 07:56
Recently switched to WPX, support is out of this world!


May 28, 2020 04:46
New business customer; troublesome migration from godaddy. -- Mind, we have no IT-background and are quite satisfied now -- Background and details below. = Our thanks and appreciation for your assistance and we look forward to your continuing to work on our account. Special thanks to @Velislav + @Milen, among others. = ~ To be clear: If WPX offers the domain-title/-migration, they will service it with DNS-hosting + management. Web Hosting can generally be separate ~ === Improvements I'd like to request (i.e. business consulting) : // Automated In-Account-Messages for critical issues, in case email or other contact channels fail. // Alleviation of the deficiency of a virtually non-existent written admin help, resource or info for the WPX environment. Approaching the support ...

borisimo getz

May 28, 2020 10:05
I have utilized WPX customer service several times with several different websites I own. Their support is the fastest and most thorough. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Chuckie Snider

May 29, 2020 03:18
wpx support staff is by far the fastest and best I've ever dealt with. They're online 24/7 and they're always fast and helpful.


May 30, 2020 04:44
The support staff of WPX Hosting was very enthusiastic and quickly supported to solve my problems. Thank you very much !

Mike Claggett

Jun 03, 2020 10:36
I needed to rebuild a new site while leaving the current site accessible. Nikolai in support set up a staging area and installed WP for me to build the new site and everything is working perfectly. Thank you WPX for hiring support techs that REALLY know their stuff.

Ondřej Fokume

Jun 04, 2020 06:09
I nominate Georgi from customer support to a Nobel Prize for peace. He brought peace to my mind when I was struggling with the migration of my website. His patience is never-ending, his eyes are deep and his heart is warm and welcoming. His hairy arms are comforting and he's got a giant biceps. He's my role model, inspiration and I envy his wife.

Matt Jones

Jun 05, 2020 05:58
Support is available 24/7 and usually get an answer within 1 minute of waiting. Very informative and super helpful.


Jun 05, 2020 06:06
Martin was super helpful and super patient with me. This is one of the best experiences I had with a pre-sale chat. Thanks Martin

Alec Wang

Jun 05, 2020 04:22
I am so glad that I switched to WPX hosting. During the very first day of moving my site to WPH hosting, I encountered multiple issues ranging from SSL certificate to Site image not showing up. So I bothered Kristiyan on chat support 4 times in a single day. Each time, Kristiyan was patient, skilled, and super helpful, and fixed my issue almost right away. I look forward to enjoying a lot of great experience with WPX hosting in the years to come.

Sam Eberle

Jun 05, 2020 07:07
Incredible, above-and-beyond, customer service with next to no wait time.


Jun 06, 2020 02:58
The Support offered by WPX Hosting is second to none. EVERY time I request support via their Chat feature, not only are they available, but they know what they are doing. Their team is not made up of part-time high school students. These guys know what they are doing, and if they are not able to readily resolve your issue, they will open up a ticket for you, escalating the issue by creating a ticket for you. Another member of their team will then thoroughly address and resolve the issue. VERY polite, VERY knowledgeable. Worth EVERY penny. I HIGHLY recommend their services. Hands down, the best hosting provider I have ever used over the past 20 years.

Oo Gin Lee

Jun 06, 2020 08:57
A friend recommended WPX Hosting and i wasn't sure at first because there are cheaper options. What I found to be truly exceptional has been the live chat support. I have asked for help 4-5 different times since I started and the support agents have all been very helpful. It feels like they are really there to try to help the customer. As a comparison, when I try to get support from the guys I bought the Wordpress theme, it really sucks. You have to post a forum entry and wait hours for a reply that often doesnt help if you are not technical enough. WPX Hosting folks will go into your wordpress account and actually troubleshoot for you. Thanks again WPX folks

Allana Kasperczyk

Jun 07, 2020 10:01
great, patient, friendly ....

Ismail ait said

Jun 07, 2020 07:01
Alexander give me an excellent service and also very fast one. i will be most glad to tolk to him next time.


Jun 07, 2020 07:50
Best & Fastest Wordpress Hosting! Support incredible and Special thanks for Support Agent Alexander!

John M.

Jun 08, 2020 07:03
Alexander was great!! I was working with him on a specific issue and he was just terrific. He was patient and very helpful in instructing me on how to accomplish setting up Alias domains. Thank you very much

Chris Freeman

Jun 09, 2020 12:07
So I don't know that much about hosting, actually I know an embarrassingly little amount. Pretty much I had 3 basic requirements that needed to be met that the vast majority of hosting providers would meet. But the number 1 requirement I had before I went with WPX was responsiveness. I was sold on WPX from the moment I opened their chat feature when I thought their live chat rep (Dobromir) was a chat bot because he literally responded within about 5 seconds of me opening the window. He then went on to very efficiently and accurately answer all of my questions and just left me with an overall sense of (if there's a problem these guys will be on top of it). Couldn't feel more confident going into my decision to get a host that's going to ultimately house my business' greatest assets.

Nitsa Sparkle

Jun 05, 2020 06:12
As always the customer service experience at WPX nothing less than brilliant! Thanks Martinfor making my day a little easier!